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Dear future Loughborough students – a current student’s top tips

14 August 2017

3 mins

I really quite like my University, and being someone who doesn’t like change I would quite like to keep it that way! So here are a few top tips for you, future Loughborough students who hold the fate of our beloved Loughborough in your youthful, lucky, (I’m not bitter) hands.

1. Don’t judge the town

Yes, I know you’ve got doubts, I think we all did. But from a city lover, I can tell you: you would be surprised! There’s plenty to keep you occupied on campus but if you’re willing to burst the Uni bubble, there are cinema tickets for £4 (I know, coming from a city this is miraculous), quirky and cheap restaurants and enough nightlife to get you by on a student budget and timetable.

2. Get moving

I came to Loughborough thinking that if I am going to be the most active I have ever been; this is probably the place to do it! With so many options for sport or just fitness, in general, it’s incredibly easy and I can’t wait to drain all the use out of the facilities for years to come! Joining AU Badminton, Yoga Society (which I am now media rep for next year! Come try it!) and various fitness classes, exercise has become varied and exciting and I am a fully converted Lboro sports nut.

3. Don’t be scared to socialise

This was just completely me at the start of first year. I was so terrified of what people would think of me I didn’t get as stuck in with all the amazing experiences the university offered to freshers. Now I see this was ridiculous, and with the help of the student ambassador scheme and making friends from sports and societies I have grown in confidence and can now lead a campus tour with over 30 people and even drop in a few jokes (probably bad ones) (I tried though). I plan on getting more involved in second year, but I encourage you all to try a bit harder than me to get it right first time!

4. Make friends in as many places as possible

I have always loved making friends (I’m trying not to vomit) and am known for my eyes disappearing as I smile so much. Half way through the year I decided I wasn’t going to wait for friends to come to me and began actively finding good eggs. Badminton, the student ambassador scheme and even social media have all helped in creating little pools of friends and this is wonderful for several reasons. A. You can fake being a social king /queen when you bump into your many friends B. You have many options for who to go to certain events with and C. Someone is always around when you’re in trouble. So yeah, go find some good eggs.

5. Calm Down

Past Lauren needed this tip SO BADLY. I am a complete worrier and come first year I was incredibly stressed about absolutely everything and damn, I was a fool! Just remember everything will sort itself out, it just takes time and no worrying will ever speed up time, it will only waste it. Also, everyone else is worrying, and you’ll all laugh about it in the future!

So good luck to all the new Loughborough Students, I have faith you will keep up the reputation we have created!

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