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Diving headfirst into University

26 February 2019

3 mins

My Loughborough experience has been one of excitement and growth. 

I’m very much an introvert so University originally seemed very daunting for me as I struggle to start conversations with new people. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

The number one thing that my time at University has taught me is to go for every opportunity possible. As obvious as it may sound, you won’t get anything if you don’t put yourself forward in the first place. This is how I made most of my memories at University.

Joining societies (for me-jito, Cocktail!), beginning a new sport (I have my eyes on the shuttlecock with IMS Badminton),volunteering within our community, become a member of a committee (I am Butler Court’s Societies Representative).

Whatever your interest is you can find like-minded people to feel comfortable with, in any of the 120 plus societies at the Uni. From Tuxedo Swing, to Hot Air Ballooning Society to Living History. Personally, I never thought I would act again until I auditioned for a play in Stage Society in second year. Come see me in Blue Remembered Hills on 7th, 8th, 9th March 2019. #ShamelessPlug. 

Because University is such a whirlwind, I find balancing my workload to be very difficult. When you want to seize all of the opportunities but also maintain a good grade, it can be tough to say no to people.

If I got £1 for every time I have had to reject a spontaneous McDonalds trip in order to do some mandatory reading, I would be able to go to McDonalds a lot more in the first place. 

However, your friends understand and there are countless times when they will be in the same position as you. My best piece of advice is to help each other out as much as you can.

My housemate and I are practically married with how co-dependent we are on one another. If I’m struggling with essay deadlines, she’ll make me dinner. If she needs surveys done for her course, you bet I will bother every member of my family in order to help her. Study sessions with your friends are so helpful in order to combat this!

This is why my Loughborough Experience has been one of success as well as excitement. Doing well academically only enhances the rich opportunities within our Loughborough bubble. It has been made by the people here, not a particular event or building. 

I hope whoever is reading this has a fantastic week!


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