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If you never try, you’ll never know

As the end of University approaches my friends have kindly helped me reflect on some of the best things about University life. From the friendliness and enthusiasm of the people, to the events, sports, societies, and much more. What a journey we have been on!

So this month I thought I’d share with you some of the best memories they’ve had at uni as well as my list of things not to miss…

1. Getting involved with clubs, societies, and your hall

“I would say being part of lifesaving and taking part in the competitions and events, such as socials, has been one of my best memories as I had never heard of lifesaving before I came to uni.” – Jessica

“Getting involved is an opportunity to do things you wouldn’t have otherwise, meet loads of new people, and provides time to work out what you want to do and to learn things you’re interested in.” – Adrian @ Bristol

2. Fresher’s

Fresher’s (the first week or two at uni) is a fantastic way of getting to know people and settling in. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone; everyone there is away from home and wanting to make friends.

Myth buster: Fresher’s isn’t all about getting drunk, there are sober events from fairs to film nights, UV roller blading/badminton/zumba, and loads more.


3. Trips

“I climbed Snowdon and went on many weekends away. It was a good opportunity to make friends and explore!” – Lily

Take advantage of LSU Trips (and the 1/3 off railcard for students) to visit loads of places around the UK and go on cool tours.

4. Volunteering: become an Action hero

With so much time, especially in my first year, I enjoyed volunteering at the campus nursery. The kids were so excited to see me each week, the staff made me feel so welcome, and I really felt I was contributing to the community. There are loads of other opportunities to volunteer too! Including dog-walking.

(P.S. check out Enactus society too!)

5. Rag: charity and fundraising

Taking part in Rag forced me to push myself to discover what I can do; including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and dog-sledding across Norway and Sweden. Also, my involvement with Ragsocieties, and working as a student ambassador at uni helped me to secure a place as 1 of 12 trainee leaders for a British Exploring Society expedition to the Indian Himalayas. At above 3500m I saw the Milky Way and did important environmental, leadership and cultural work.

Uni really does lead on to even more!

6. Take a position of responsibility

“My stand out memory is joining Taekwondo in 1st year and training with 5-7 people a session. After joining the committee and building it up we had 15 strong members plus on and off members each session. When we hit 50+ members we became the biggest martial art society at UEA. I found out over Christmas that the club has continued to expand to over 60 members. Creating a sustainable successful society is a really high point for me from my time at UEA.” James @ UAE (but you can do this at any uni!)

Try a position on Sports, Society, Action, Rag or Media committees. Or run to become part of the Exec team, maybe even their President to help future students. Or if you don’t fancy what’s available, you can set up a society of your own.

In societies such as TEDx and Media people have gone on to work for TED and media organisations, even if their degree wasn’t related to that! They can provide a new passion and skill set.

7. Gaining a degree!

“My stand out memory is after completing our final deadlines in third year, a group of us from English went out for lunch and we were all sat there like “we did it!” Gradball was also an amazing memory because it was a celebration of our achievements” – Bella

8. International and placement opportunities

“My stand out memory was going abroad and the international opportunities available” – Tom

Taking a year to study or work abroad is an experience I can vouch for as incredible – the personal and career development is amazing!

There are also numerous work placement opportunities for a greater understanding of your subject area and career progression.

9. What about me?

As I look back on my time at university it’s hard to pick a favorite moment: is it the friends I’ve made? – certainly. But it’s also: the mountains I’ve climbed (figuratively and metaphorically), representing Loughborough in AU running, learning I can live away from home, studying abroad, learning to salsa dance, finding a support network for life, and finding the #LboroFamily, crossing Norway and Sweden dog-sledding, and the skills and lessons (for example what I do and don’t like) I’ve learnt that have allowed me to get jobs and find my direction

It’s too hard to choose just one!

10. Finally, just remember…

“If you never try, you’ll never know.”


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