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20 May 2019

4 mins

With the academic year coming to an end, I think it’s important to remember all the best bits of the year as we are all met with exam and coursework pressures.

So, I interviewed some friends to see which bits of Loughborough 18-19 they’ve ‘luffed’ the most!

‘Freshers, of course!’: Liam, Former Vice Chair of Butler Court

My University highlight was definitely being Vice Chair of Butler Court and organising Freshers 2019 for the new students. I loved being in a position of responsibility as well as being trusted with important events and choices to be made. Completing the ‘Sing Off’ and taking the knee to a tub of butter (our theme was Utterly Butlery) is something I’ll always remember!

I he-Art my Course’: Harvey, 2nd year Fine Art BA

For me, my course has made my University experience. I love that it’s self-driven and you get out of it what you want and have the freedom to do so. The people on the course are great, and the technicians are really helpful. You can have a look at Harvey’s art at @h_locker_ on Instagram!

‘Drama King’: Alex, 1st year History BA

I love Stage Society because it has become my home away from home. I was a bit nervous I wouldn’t find any like-minded people, given Loughborough’s sporty reputation. I’m proud to have been proven so wrong.

Of my many memories at University, a significant number have been with Stage and a lot of my best friends and future housemates have been met there. I love Stage and everything about it!

‘Sno much fun’: Vinnie, 2nd year Information Management and Business BSc

In December, I went on a ski trip with Sno Society. I loved meeting new people and becoming closer with course friends that went on the trip. I’ve only been skiing with family before, so this was a really chilled out experience.

I loved meeting other ski lovers like myself and look forward to going again. I went après skiing for the first time which is something I’ve always wanted to do. It was a great atmosphere. I can’t wait to return to Loughborough to continue doing things out of my comfort zone when I come back from my year abroad in Denmark. Farvel!

‘Loughborough locations’: Oliver, 2nd year Geography with Economics BSc

Besides my friends, one of the best things about University for me has been Loughborough itself. Being able to walk to Queen’s Park and see the birds has been a real joy for me. One of the birds definitely knows me and is a real flirt. In summer last year, there was a group playing in the bandstand and it felt really special.

‘Net-ball is life’: Chloe, 2nd year English BA

Going to a Uni known for sport like Loughborough, I knew I wanted to get involved. I’ve really enjoyed competing in IMS netball and having my housemates cheer me on from the balcony. Although we never win a game, it’s a lot of fun to get together with friends and stay active! Roll on next year!

‘Having a ball!’ Me, 2nd year English BA

My personal best parts of University have been the balls that the Uni puts on. Whether this be through a society, a hall, AU or the union, you always have a ball to look forward to at the end of the semesters.

I’ve loved every opportunity to dress up and have a fabulous time with all of my friends and reflect on the year that’s passed. Everyone’s so happy after deadlines are over and I can’t wait for that again this year.

Comment your favourite bit of University so far! Good luck with all your exams!


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