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Relaxing at University- 5 ways from a confessed workaholic

17 November 2017

3 mins

As a student (and human in general), I like to keep busy. Having so much going on around me and so many opportunities it would be foolish not to get involved and in the meantime drown myself with responsibilities. Being such a busy body I can often forget to relax so I’ve written down the 5 ways I take time out.

1.     Socials

Being the media representative for the Yoga Society we had the task of organising our first social. I never realised how much time and effort goes into arranging such events and it gives me so much respect for students who balance being on a committee with other commitments. Although the event was simple it was so nice to meet new people within the society, as sometimes I can forget the buzz you can get from being around other people.

2.     Cinema

The cinema has always been my most favourite place to spend downtime. The nostalgia of going to the cinema and the feeling after seeing a good film is something I will never get bored of and is therefore the perfect recipe for a relaxing evening.  Escaping into a different story through both film and books can be the perfect distraction if student life is all getting a bit too much. Take a friend or even go on your own (there’s no judgement here!), get a big box of overpriced popcorn and enjoy an evening off!

3.     Create

Being a creative person, the line is blurry for when creating is work and when its downtime. As a child, I would draw because I wanted to and that then happened to turn into my future career. Sometimes I forget that it was first and foremost a hobby, and going back to drawing for pleasure can be a great way to relax. Whether you’re a creative person or not, doodling, drawing or even something such as origami can be a great way to get a sense of achievement and also relaxation.

4.     Sport

This has always been a way of releasing stress and I think if I ever stopped I would probably combust. Sport is a proven way of releasing stress and also endorphins which is actual scientific proof to back up my ramblings! So find a sport that suits you, whether that be gentle yoga or competitive kickboxing and watch the stress melt away (well at least for an evening, it’s not going to finish that essay for you!)

5.     Sleep

Probably the simplest form of stress release. I feel like its majorly overlooked by students with all-nighters being pulled on an almost regular basis. Without sleep, I am restless and lacking in concentration, and am in general a nightmare (apologies housemates). I have learnt to value my sleep and will now prioritise my 8 hours over a Netflix marathon, which is a big step for me.

I hope these 5 ways will help those of you who like to put too much on your plate. For those who need to be more organised and motivated, I wrote a different blog post on that so please ignore all I am saying here and go and have a read here I ultimately hope you take on some of these ideas; you are allowed to enjoy yourself!

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