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Moving out and moving on

As usual, I hope you are doing well! For those of you who are currently in university, especially at Loughborough, I am so thrilled and excited to see what you all are up to over the last few weeks. Fresher weeks are always full and packed with exciting events, amazing societies and sports clubs to join. Oh, memories!!!

Loughborough University’s social media profiles are not helping either because they consistently post great pictures and information so that I can be up to date with everything that is happening at the university still. If you want to check it out, here are the handy links to the university’s profiles: FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Happy with friends2

While missing student life very much, I am also very happy about new changes in my life at the moment. If you can remember, I was so busy with the dissertation and moving, both literally and figuratively, out of my student life.

After finishing my last assignment, I went on a short city break to Newcastle to see a few of my friends. I managed to take some pictures while I was there, as you can see! I also took the chance to go and visit York. My favourite thing there must be the enchanting York Cathedral’s architecture. The trip helped me completely unwind and refresh for a new chapter of my life!

I have now moved to London to start a short internship with a non-governmental organisation, which is in the sector that I am passionate about and in which, I wish to work for.

I am motivated to start this new job. I strongly believe that the experiences from volunteering with Loughborough University, working with higher education officers and working in multiple jobs throughout my degree, it will give me a heads up for the future. From here, I can gain real life experience, connections and hopefully advance in the international development sector.


While living in London, I have also been checking out as many places as I manage to see and visit. You can see my “full of happiness” grin here in the pictures.

I am so star-struck by the constant buzzing lifestyle here, and it is as if the energetic routine of life here fuels you, encourages you to continue working and following your dreams.

If any of you are thinking about continuing your education with Loughborough, or going into postgraduate courses, you should definitely check out Loughborough University London campus. I was around the area recently myself, and it is in a fantastic location, which is surrounded by many cultural and entertainment landmarks (you can check it out right here). The university here will be a great start for you in pursuing higher education while giving you an opportunity to live in a mega city!

The last month has been the best summer by far in my life. It gives me so much perspective and motivation. I will do my best to carry this spirit to the next challenges and conquer any difficulty.

The cherry on the top of my new life here is that today, I have just received my dissertation mark and it confirms that I am going to graduate from Master of Research in International Crisis Management with a Distinction (which is the equivalence to a First Class degree). I am extremely grateful to be educated in Loughborough and to have such a unique student experience here. I hope some of you will do too!

York Minster.JPG

That is everything from me this month. Come back next month for another letter from me and I will continue to tell you all about my new journey. But until next time,

Take care!


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