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5 common Loughborough University misconceptions- A Level student asks University student

19 May 2017

3 mins

For this month’s blog, I thought I would put truth to some misconceptions A-Level students often have about University life. For this I welcomed a special guest, A-Level student and my occasionally annoying younger brother, Alex. I asked for him to ask me any ideas he had got about University, and Loughborough specifically, which I will address as best I can!

A- Honestly, is every day a party?

L- Ha, okay yes this is probably one of the most stereotypical questions you could have asked. This is all dependant on the type of person you are I guess. Fresher’s week is where you can indulge in all your partying wants, but you’ll probably regret it the next day. Soon you will realise once a week is probably enough and you have to finish that essay soon (or indulge in that new Netflix series everyone’s talking about).

A- I know you OBVIOUSLY missed me, but do many people get homesick?

L- From my experiences and of people around me, I haven’t really seen anyone struggle with homesickness. Being at Loughborough it really is like a bubble and everyone looks out for one another, unlike in a city where it may seem more daunting. I live close too, so this helps knowing home is only a bus ride away!

A- I know Loughborough is a fairly small town, is there much to do?

L- Okay yes, it’s no city, but Loughborough has a lot to offer! Whenever talking to prospective students this is the question I always get asked and how I win them over is the cinema prices. Its £4 to see a film at the local Odeon and for a cinema fan, this excites me. Compared to my cinema at home this is about half the price! Loughborough town is very affordable and still has everything you need including a few hidden gems of quirky restaurants and shops.

A- Are you stuck with the friends you make in Fresher’s Week for life?

L- It’s very tempting to attach onto the first person you meet in Fresher’s week and for some, this can be a mistake. Take your time to get to know people around you before promising to be best friends forever and ever with Steve from the flat below. There are so many people to meet. Through your course, sports and societies, you need never worry about not making friends.

A-Will I be able to get a part-time job at University? Or will it ruin my studying?

L- This all depends on what job you get. I work as a Student Ambassador so they are very flexible around what we work and always put our studying first, also I have gained so much confidence from the work and it has been an excellent addition to my University life (wonder if I get extra brownie points for saying this?). Other jobs may not be as lenient but it is recommended you work no more than 15 hours a week, and working that amount will not affect your studies.

I hope through this post I have answered any questions you may have about Loughborough University life. Many thanks to my brother for helping me out, although I may regret this as he is asking to be paid. Damn.

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