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My experience at Loughborough University: Belonging, diversity, and thriving 

23 June 2023

6 mins

Step into my extraordinary world at Loughborough University, where aspirations come true and a profound sense of belonging flourishes on a diverse and inclusive campus. Join me as I reveal the unforgettable experience of pursuing an MSc in International Business at Loughborough University as an international student from the diverse lands of India. 

A dream come true 

Since the age of fifteen, studying abroad has been my lifelong dream. Despite facing societal constraints and the opinions of those around me, I never lost sight of my aspiration. The moment finally arrived when I decided it was “now or never” and began researching the top universities in the UK.  

Although Loughborough University is an underrated and hidden gem of a university, I had never heard the name before as it is quite a sports-centric university and I was never into sports that much anyway. However, my education counsellor and alumni from various UK universities urged me to consider Loughborough. Intrigued, I delved deeper, watching YouTube videos and conducting thorough research. I was immediately captivated by the campus’s beauty, and when I discovered Loughborough University consistently ranked in the top 10 across various subjects, I knew I had found my academic home. Attending a webinar hosted by the Business School solidified my decision. The warm reception and sense of belonging I felt from the dean and current students made me choose Loughborough University wholeheartedly. 

The enchanting campus 

Loughborough University’s sprawling 523-acre campus is a haven of world-class sports facilities and breathtaking green spaces. From the moment I set foot on the campus, I was enchanted by its charm. The extensive green areas that span the entire campus provide the perfect backdrop for my morning jogs, invigorating runs, or serene evening walks.  

I have the privilege of residing in the John Phillips Hall of Residency, which is on campus, and I am surrounded by incredible flatmates from diverse countries. Living in such a vibrant and culturally rich environment has been a dream come true. Our communal kitchen has become our gathering place, where we bond over discussions about our days, immerse ourselves in each other’s cultures, and delight in trying out each other’s dishes. Embracing diversity on such a profound level has been a life-changing experience, teaching us the value of acceptance and adaptability.  

Loughborough, a small student-centric town, is nestled amidst larger cities like Leicester, Nottingham, and Derby. I love the weekly markets held in the town centre, offering fresh produce, fruits, and flowers at reasonable prices. The close-knit community and welcoming nature of the residents make Loughborough feel like a second home, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for students. I love how everything I want is in the vicinity of the town and accumulated in a place so perfectly. 

Effortless integration and a sense of community 

Settling into university life at Loughborough was a breeze, thanks to the accommodating and warm staff, professors, flatmates, and peers. The strong sense of community within the University played a significant role in my smooth transition. Hall parties, social events, and University-wide gatherings helped break the ice, forge friendships, and foster a deep sense of integration.  

Engaging in various societies and extracurricular activities proved instrumental in acclimatising to my new surroundings. Joining the enterprise society provided me with firsthand experience in entrepreneurship and invaluable lessons from fellow students on starting and managing a business.  

Being involved in the International Friends Society felt like being part of a second family. The society brought together international and local students, allowing us to engage in lively discussions, cultural nights, and memorable trips to picturesque locations across the UK.  

Also, Loughborough University deserves to be called the ‘World’s Best Sports University’. Even if you don’t play sports professionally, you might change your mind about sports if you go to world-class gyms and use free sports services like the MyLifestyle app. I play badminton sometimes, and I love it. Going to the gym and taking classes like Yoga, Zumba, and Body Balance has been an experience I’ll never forget.  

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of immersing oneself in societies and extracurricular activities. They not only foster a profound sense of belonging but also provide ample opportunities for skill enhancement, networking, and making the most of the study abroad experience. 

Being a Loughborough University Student Ambassador 

In my journey at Loughborough University, a significant part of my time has been dedicated to working as a Student Ambassador. This role has been nothing short of extraordinary, enabling me to enhance my resume and develop invaluable interpersonal skills. Engaging with prospective students and their parents during various open days, experience days, campus tours, and telephone campaigns has allowed me to refine my communication and presentation abilities.  

Representing Loughborough University at the international student roundtable event at the PIE Live Europe Conference in London was an unforgettable experience. I had the privilege of networking with accomplished individuals from esteemed universities across the UK and educational experts. The opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss our challenges and potential solutions with these brilliant minds was truly inspiring.  

I also took up the responsibility of becoming the course representative and a mental health group facilitator, which helped me inculcate the skills of listening to my peers, problem-solving, and becoming empathetic towards their issues. It changed how I look and handle relationships with my friends, colleagues, and family for good.  

Being a part of these extracurricular activities has shaped my university experience, allowing me to grow academically, professionally, and personally. 

An experience that will stay with me for a lifetime 

Loughborough University has provided me with a safety net to explore, experience, and learn new aspects of myself and life. It’s offered a multitude of opportunities to push beyond my comfort zone, challenge mental barriers, develop my mindset, and showcase my talents. The key to making the most of this extraordinary journey is to seize the initiative, embrace the abundant opportunities, and give it your all from the start.  

Engaging with societies, extracurricular activities, and sports facilities will undoubtedly enrich your experience and create unforgettable memories. Trust me when I say that Loughborough University is the best place to be. I invite you to embark on your own remarkable adventure, knowing that everything you need is at your disposal. Embrace the opportunities, and you will be rewarded with a truly transformative experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

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