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Library support

Having just come out of the dreaded exam/essay month, I can truly say I feel exhausted. But much in the same way one would feel after an intense workout. Tired but feeling amazing. Not only do I feel a little bit more knowledge expanding the parameters of my brain, but I feel proud of what I was able to accomplish. We are often capable of more than we think we are, and this is true. What makes the journey to accomplishment easier are the resources one is fortunate enough to have.

My biggest and best resource just so happened to be Loughborough University’s Pilkington Library. During exam time the library altered “the usual” way of doing things to accommodate for our stressful period. The library opened for 24-hours, and you need look no further for necessities like food and drink with café hours also extended. During this exam time the library even set up an extra facility to allow for some “home like” food. Such convenience meant I, and students like me, never had to leave for long in the midst of knowledge acquisition.

Rather than having to take a trip home, I simply walked downstairs from the computer lab, grabbed some food and within the hour I was back at my desk working. Without the smiling staff that took on extra hours, or the additional consideration the university payed, I imagine this taxing period being a lot more stressful than it was. So to sum up, I am extremely thankful to those that helped us Loughborough Students in our time of need!

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I'm Maria, and I'm a Masters student studying an MSc in Work Psychology. If I could describe my experience here at Loughborough I would say it’s accommodating to different cultures, needs, preferences and so on.