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My home away from home

26 February 2019

4 mins

One semester into my course and I can’t fathom how my last four months at Loughborough University just flew by. And this journey has been incredible!   

As I am half-way into my Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology programme here, I am writing this blog to reflect upon my major learnings at Loughborough and share my experience(s). 

Get comfortable being uncomfortable  

The one thing Loughborough University reinforced in me is “get comfortable being uncomfortable”. And by saying this, I am not quoting the readings from my lectures, but stating what holds true in the application of the University’s values! 

As a socially awkward person, Loughborough has ensured that I am thrown out of my comfort zone from the moment I had my course orientation (my whole transition from India to Loughborough could also be included), and whenever I get used to the new situation… Boom! Another surprise!   

From making videos of myself, interacting with the public and other influential professionals from my field to an active social media presence, Loughborough has made me do almost everything that I had become adept at avoiding. 

At times I do wonder if I have fared well in all these activities, but what matters is that I did something new almost on a weekly basis and the enriching experience accompanying it is the reason why I came to Loughborough University.  

While the initial couple of days seemed overwhelming and challenging, the Lecturers were very always supportive and encouraging. Also, we were assigned personal tutors (Lecturers from our course), and discussions with him gave an insight into the different options I could consider and explore while working. 

There’s always something for you 

While the academic side of things can get a little stressful, Loughborough knows how to take care of the students’ well-being, by providing us with ample co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. 

With over 150 societies and 55 sport clubs, it was a tough pick to choose the society and club I wished to join. Additionally, Loughborough Sport also had several recreational and volunteering opportunities through the ‘My Lifestyle’ and ‘Coach and Volunteer Academy’, respectively.

Once I did decide on my activities and engagements, I was absolutely thrilled with the interaction I had with people, the new friends I made and I am still making, and the great opportunities of learning that came my way.

Home away from home 

With so many activities on campus, I have always been on my toes and not yet had a chance to miss home. Also, the friends i have made here ensure that no one ever hits a low phase and the minute anyone does, we lift each other up!   

Furthermore, although I stay in the town, the activities within the town are always informed to us well in advance so that we could be as much a part of it and enjoy it as any local. We are greeted with many happy faces like any local would be.  

To conclude, my journey at Loughborough has been glorious – exactly the way I had expected and wanted. The only concern I now have is – how homesick will I be when I return to India?!

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