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Freshers’ guide to exams – what can I expect?

12 December 2017

4 mins

So 2017 is coming to an end, and I hope you all have had a successful year so far and are looking forward to a lovely Christmas break at with family and friends.

After a long first semester, some ‘down time’ to relax and chill is definitely deserved at this time of year. However, in between all the fun and festivities it is worthwhile thinking ahead to the January exam season that will be upon us when we return to January in the new year.

If you are in your first year here at Loughborough this may well be the first set of formal exams you have done at uni.  If this is the case, there is a chance that you are unsure about what to expect and how it all happens.

First of all, there is an ‘exam period’ this year this is between the dates of Monday 15 January 2018 to Wednesday 31 January 2018 (inclusive). So, make sure you check out your timetables on your Learn pages and ensure you know the dates that your exams fall on. (They are not all at the same time of day either, so I would also make note of what time each exam is too!)

The majority of exams are based in the Tennis Center which is on the east side of campus – next to where the design school is. (Do double check this though because there are variations with the location). Make sure you check out the campus maps and set off in enough time for your journey. Also, on another note about the Tennis Center, it is a big open space and it can either be very cold or very hot, so I would advise going for layers and then you can take what you need off when you get there).

When thinking about what time to set off for an exam, I usually like to arrive at the location of the exam 15 minutes before the start time. You don’t want to be in any kind of rush or stress before you sit an exam so it’s probably wise to plan for all eventualities – don’t run down at the last second is what I’m saying!

On your exam tables, you should have been given a seat number. (Usually a letter and a number combination). It is worth making a mental note of this just before you head to your exam. This means that when you get there you will be able to find your seat straight away and makes the start of the exam much smoother for you. If you do forget your seat number, then don’t panic! There are invigilators in the exam hall who have a list and will be able to remind you but you may have to wait to be seen to.

Other things you may want to consider is to bring a water bottle and also any extra resources you may need been depending on the module (e.g. calculator, ruler, dictionary etc). Check the rules first on what items you can bring, as some exams have different rules.

Oh! And don’t forget your student ID card! You need to bring this with you to every exam you sit and leave it on show on your desk as you work. The invigilators will come around during the exam and check that everyone is in the place they should be.

Over all, exams at Loughborough are very well structured and organised and nothing to worry about – follow these tips (and get your revision done before hand) and I am sure it will all run smoothly for you.

In the meantime, have a magical Christmas and Loughborough will be here waiting for our return in January 2018.

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