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Welcome to our new blog Sustainably Speaking!

19 March 2020

1 mins

Over the last couple of years, the discourse around the environment and sustainability has certainly changed. More in the public eye than ever, we have seen worldwide protests and strikes from people of all ages and the UK Parliament declaring a ‘Climate Emergency’. And yet, there remains much confusion around the crisis and what this means for individuals, communities, and the University.

We will be using our blog to tackle some of these larger issues around climate change, provide some personal opinions and share some experiences from our campus community.

As well as writing our own blog posts in response to questions that we are being frequently asked and keeping up with climate news, we will also be featuring blogs from our students and academics to showcase their research and experiences in Sustainability.

If you are interested in writing a blog post on what sustainability means to you, any research your undertaking or any general sustainability topics, please just get in touch. Any featured blogs will receive a small Eco-friendly gift!

Sustainably Speaking

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