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LU Conservation volunteers: 2023 summary

18 January 2024

2 mins

Guest blog by Rich-Fenn-Griffin, Loughborough University’s Assistant Gardens Manager. December, 2023.

Firstly, thank you to the volunteers who joined us in Burleigh Wood on 6th December for coppicing and dead-hedging. It was great to have so many people getting stuck in and as the old saying goes ‘many hands made light work’.

I particularly like this photograph, as the general scene would have been recognisable to a 19th century woodsman. Yes, the clothes and tools would be slightly different, but the activities would be very much the same. There would also be a similar number of people helping, although more children (by our standards) would be involved. They would also have coppiced the oak as well, but we think that’s a step too far in changing the aesthetic of the woodland (again, by modern standards).

From myself and the Gardens team who work with us to deliver the Conservation Volunteering, I would like to thank all who have braved the British weather and helped. It does make a real difference to biodiversity.

New Year, new you?
Perhaps you’ve not joined us for a conservation volunteering session yet? Perhaps your new resolution is to help turn biodiversity loss in biodiversity gain? Then, get stuck into 2024 with our Conservation Volunteering sessions. Dates, times and locations are listed below. If you fancy coming along, simply email and state which session you want to attend. You can reply up to 24 hours before a session is due to take place.
We look forward to welcoming new and experienced volunteers to our New Year sessions.

24th January 202413:15-15:00Holywell Wood ( and access control
7th February 202413:15-15:00Burleigh Wood ( and access control
21st February 202413:15-15:00Burleigh Extension Wood ( & brash removal
6th March 202413:15-15:00Carbon Offset Wood; ( tree guards

This article is in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land. To read more click here.

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