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Welcome to the Loughborough University Sustainability Team’s blog! We decided to called the blog ‘Sustainably Speaking’ because it encourages two things:

  1. Thinking with a sustainability-focused mindset in everything you do.
  2. To actually speak about it!

This blog has been set up to create a space for free thinking, spark conversation, and to share personal opinions and experience about all things Sustainability.

We want Sustainably Speaking to be a place where people can:

  • Learn more about topics they might know about or find overwhelming, like carbon offsetting.
  • Explore what the team, our students, and our staff are doing. This could be a team-ran event or campaign, or new academic research.
  • Talk about their opinions on current events, such as the Environment Bill.
  • Share their experiences, like trying to go plastic free for a month or going vegan.
  • There will be content about our teams experience and opinions of life style changes/current events/news etc. as well as guest student and academic posts. There will also be posts on key topics or news around waste, carbon, travel, biodiversity. Wherever we can, articles will also be linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.

    Our hope with launching this blog is to encourage staff, students, visitors, the local community, and anyone in between to speak sustainably and promote positive change.

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