Tricia’s snippets 2011-10-27

WATER POLICY VOL 13; NUMB 5; 2011 ISSN 1366-7017 pp. 591-606 Quantitative studies of water and sanitation utilities: a benchmarking literature survey. Berg, S.; Marques, R. pp. 607-623 Setting performance standards for regulation of water services: Benchmarking Latin American utilities. … Continue reading

Tricia’s snippets 2011-10-20

  WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT -DORDRECHT- VOL 25; NUMBER 13; 2011 ISSN 0920-4741 pp. 3153-3175 The Economic Impact of Water Evaporation Losses from Water Reservoirs in the Segura Basin, SE Spain. Martínez-Granados, D.; Maestre-Valero, J. F.; Calatrava, J.; Martínez-Alvarez, V. Abstract: … Continue reading

Tricia’s snippets 2011-10-13

From Sanitation Updates: Evaluating the health impact of urban WASH programmes Posted: 11 Oct 2011 09:14 AM PDT Occupy Wall Street’s greywater treatment system and “sanitation working group” “King of Bollywood” Shahrukh Khan puts his star-power behind life-saving sanitation and … Continue reading