Tricia’s snippets 2011-10-27

VOL 13; NUMB 5; 2011
ISSN 1366-7017
pp. 591-606
Quantitative studies of water and sanitation utilities: a benchmarking literature survey.
Berg, S.; Marques, R.
pp. 607-623
Setting performance standards for regulation of water services: Benchmarking Latin American utilities.
Ferro, G.; Romero, C.A.
pp. 624-644
Trans-jurisdictional pollution control options within an integrated water resources management framework in water-scarce north-eastern China.
Zhang, Y.; Fu, G.; Yu, T.; Shen, M.; Meng, W.; Ongley, E.D.
pp. 663-676
The importance of irrigation water rights: lessons from South Africa and Tunisia.
Speelman, S.; Frija, A.; Buysse, J.; Van Huylenbroeck, G.

VOL 64; NUMB 7; 2011
ISSN 0273-1223
pp. 1388-1397
On-site infiltration of road runoff using pervious pavements with subjacent infiltration trenches as source control strategy.
Fach, S.; Dierkes, C.
pp. 1398-1405
The effect of drastic temperature changes on the performance of MBR treating municipal wastewater.
Al-Amri, A.; Salim, M.R.; Aris, A.
pp. 1419-1427
Roughing filtration as an effective pre-treatment system for high turbidity water.
Khan, Z.; Farooqi, R.
pp. 1435-1442
Development and validation of a FISH-based method for the detection and quantification of E. coli and coliform bacteria in water samples.
Hugler, M.; Bockle, K.; Eberhagen, I.; Thelen, K.; Beimfohr, C.; Hambsch, B.
pp. 1443-1449
Water recovery from sewage using forward osmosis.
Lutchmiah, K.; Cornelissen, E.R.; Harmsen, D.J.H.; Post, J.W.; Lampi, K.; Ramaekers, H.; Rietveld, L.C.; Roest, K.
pp. 1488-1496
Calibration of a simple model for waste stabilisation pond performance in seasonal climates.
Heaven, S.; Salter, A.M.; Clarke, D.
pp. 1519-1526
An integrated approach for urban water quality assessment.
Beenen, A.S.; Langeveld, J.G.; Liefting, H.J.; Aalderink, R.H.; Velthorst, H.

HABITAT INTERNATIONAL VOL 35; NUMB 4 (2011) pp. 582-591
Access of urban poor to NGO/CBO-supplied sanitation and solid waste services in Uganda: The role of social proximity
Tukahirwa, J. T.; Mol, A. P. J.; Oosterveer, P.
Inadequate urban sanitation and solid waste management in Uganda has prompted policy reforms in the two sectors. As part of this reform, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) have increasingly become involved in improving the sanitation and solid waste situation in poor urban informal settlements. This paper investigates whether social proximity influence access of the urban poor to sanitation and solid waste services provided by NGOs and CBOs. Using a sample of 337 households from 12 poor informal settlements in Kampala, social proximity in addition to other conventional factors proved relevant in explaining access of the poor to NGO and CBO solid waste and sanitation services.


“WaterHackathon” to Find Technology Solutions to Global Water Challenges
WASHINGTON, October 20, 2011 – Computer programmers, designers, and other information technology specialists convened by the World Bank Group and technology partners at NASA, Google, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and Yahoo! will compete for 48 hours in cities around the world this weekend to develop new application software, or apps, that solve water and sanitation challenges in developing countries.
The first ever global WaterHackathon follows the model set by Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK), a partnership among these same organizations, in which subject matter experts and local stakeholders submit problem definitions which are then tackled by volunteer software developers who use the latest technology tools to create innovative solutions.

October 2011 Issue of GLOBAL WATERS — Water and Conflict,  plus Crisis in the Horn of Africa (from USAID)
The October 2011 issue of GLOBAL WATERS is now available.

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