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Assessment of the impact of on-site sanitation systems on groundwater pollution in two diverse geological settings—a case study from India
Pujari, P. R.; Padmakar, C.; Labhasetwar, P. K.; Mahore, P.; Ganguly, A. K
On-site sanitation has emerged as a preferred mode of sanitation in cities experiencing rapid urbanization due to the high cost involved in off-site sanitation which requires conventional sewerages. However, this practice has put severe stress on groundwater especially its quality. Under the above backdrop, a study has been undertaken to investigate the impact of on-site sanitation on quality of groundwater sources in two mega cities namely Indore and Kolkata which are situated in two different geological settings. The parameters for the studies are distance of groundwater source from place of sanitation, effect of summer and monsoon seasons, local hydro-geological conditions, and physico-chemical parameters. NO3 and fecal coliform concentrations are considered as main indexes of pollution in water. Out of many conclusions which can be made from this studies, one major conclusion is about the influence of on-site sanitation on groundwater quality is minimal in Kolkata, whereas it is significant in Indore. This difference is due to the difference in hydrogeological parameters of these two cities, Kolkata being on alluvium quaternary and Indore being on Deccan trap of Cretaceous to Paleogene age.

VOL 164; ISSU 4 (2011)
ISSN 0965-0903

• pp.259-268
Developing competences for water utility change programmes
Sansom, K.R.; Coates, S.

• pp.269-278
Training for real: matching employer needs to training supply
Reed, B.; Coates, S.; Odhiambo, F.; Kayaga, S.

VOL 13; NUMB 6 (2011)
ISSN 1366-7017

• pp.769-781
The urban water reform project: a critical discourse analysis of the water policy making process in Delhi, India
Asthana, V.

• pp.797-809
Sanitation under challenge: contributions from the social sciences
van Vliet, B.J.M.; Spaargaren, G.; Oosterveer, P.

• pp.828-844
Raising effective awareness for domestic water saving: evidence from an environmental educational programme in Greece
Keramitsoglou, K.M.; Tsagarakis, K.P.

• pp.845-862
Good water governance and IWRM in Zambia: challenges and chances
Uhlendahl, T.; Salian, P.; Casarotto, C.; Doetsch, J.

• pp.863-876
Water supply in Jordan under drought conditions
Tarawneh, Z.S.

VOL 29; ISSU 12 (2011)
ISSN 0734-242X

• pp.1286-1293
Composting barrel for sustainable organic waste management in Bangladesh
Moqsud, M.A.; Bushra, Q.S.; Rahman, M.H.

From Science for Environment Policy, Issue 265
New method for estimating the energy consumption of rainwater

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