Tricia’s snippets 2012-05-24

From Sanitation Updates: Nairobi’s Garbage Dump Pits Pickers Against Neighbors Posted: 18 May 2012 09:25 AM PDT A selection from email alerts: WATER RESEARCH VOL 46; NUMB 9 (2012) ISSN 0043-1354 • pp.3032-3042 Capturing phosphates with iron enhanced sand filtration Erickson, … Continue reading

Tricia’s snippets 2012-05-17

A selection from email alerts: WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY VOL 65; NUMB 8 (2012) ISSN 0273-1223 • pp.1350-1356 Use of human urine in phytoplankton production as a tool for ecological sanitation Jana, B.B.; Rana, S.; Bag, S.K. • pp.1412-1419 Advanced phosphorus removal … Continue reading