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March 22nd 2016

To celebrate World Water Day, Oxford University is publishing a new report based on the largest known dataset of urban water payment behaviour to promote sustainable finance in Africa. Based on over 500,000 utility payment records and a survey exceeding 1,000 water users in Dar es Salaam, the report finds:

  • Utility customers value and actively use multiple payment alternatives (water office, point of sale, electronic/mobile), which increase payment frequency and volume;
  • Water offices dominate payment transactions (92%) but electronic and point of sale alternatives complement rather than substitute to improve payment behaviour;
  • People paying at multiple alternatives out-perform all alternatives by frequency of payments (7.6 per year) and average annual revenue ($120);
  • Greater distance to water offices increased electronic payments reducing social costs (travel time, queuing);
  • Socio-economic characteristics (household size, education, employment, gender) did not influence payment behaviours;
  • Limitations arose from a lack of data on metered usage, water quality or reliability: these data would improve understanding of variation in payment behaviours.

You can read the full report here.

From IRC:

Krukkert, I. & Da Silva Wells, C., 2015. How to reach men : the missing link in hygiene promotion. The Hague, the Netherlands: IRC and BRAC. 11 p. : 1 box, 1 tab., photogr

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