Tricia’s snippets 2016-10-26

pS-Eau is pleased to present the new issue of Resources: its short literature review on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). In Resources n°5, we have selected for you recent papers and articles on water, in French and English. On the menu, you’ll find some publications launched during the 2016 World Water Week in Stockholm and a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

From Sanitation Updates:

Emergence of community toilets as a public good: The sanitation work of Mahila Milan, NSDF and SPARC in India

The e-waste mountains – in pictures

Science, Silver Bullets, and Sanitation: How Operational Research Improved Plan’s Global Programming

Posted: 24 Oct 2016

Community-generated data crucial for implementing New Urban Agenda

Posted: 21 Oct 2016 10:41 AM PDT

Using microfinance to facilitate household investment in sanitation in rural Cambodia

Posted: 20 Oct 2016 09:14 AM PDT

UNC Water Institute WASH Research Policy Digests

The Art And Science Of Winning The Poo War

Sanitation options for sustainability: reflections from the UNC Conference

Posted: 19 Oct 2016

State Department Notice of Intent To Solicit Comments and Conduct a Public Scoping Meeting on a Global Water Strategy

Urban Sanitation: A Messy Problem for Habitat III

Fed up with no sewers, Pakistan’s slum residents go DIY

Dying for a pee – Cape Town’s slum residents battle for sanitation

Posted: 18 Oct 2016

15 October was Global Handwashing Day: take the quiz!

Posted: 17 Oct 2016 12:57 AM PDT

USAID – Celebrate Global Handwashing Day 2016!

Posted: 14 Oct 2016 10:52 AM PDT

Handwashing/hygiene research by the SHARE Project

Handwashing in the news

Recently published studies on handwashing

Robert Dreibelbis on Handwashing Behavior Change in Bangladesh

Posted: 12 Oct 2016

Habits matter for Global Handwashing Day. This is why you should promote them!

Overcoming Barriers to System-Wide Action in the WASH Sector: WEDC Side Event Synthesis

Posted: 11 Oct 2016

Indestructible and smart: public toilet innovation in India

Posted: 10 Oct 2016 01:20 AM PDT

From email alerts:


ISSN 0195-9255

VOL 60; (2016)

Water science and technology library

ISSN 0921-092X

VOL 72; (2016)

pp.85-110 Decontamination of Urban Run-Off:Importance and Methods Crasti, Leo

pp.211-220 Groundwater Crisis of a Mega City:A Case Study of New Delhi, India Boken, Vijendra K.

pp.221-234 Safe Water Supply Determinants in Peri-urban Communities of South-East Nigeria Ezenwaji, E. E.; Ahiadu, H. O.; Otti, V. I.pp.387-394

Role of Peri-Urban Areas in the Food System of Kampala, Uganda Sabiiti, Elly N.; Katongole, Constantine B.

International journal of water resources development

ISSN 0790-0627

VOL 32; NUMB 6 (2016)

pp.881-894 Exploring alternative sources of funding for deploying sustainable sanitation technologies and services in Mongolia Uddin, Sayed Mohammad Nazim; Tempel, Annkathrin; Adamowski, Jan Franklin; Lapegue, Jean; Li, Zifu; M

pp.912-930 Understanding reductions in water consumption in tourist areas:a case study of the Costa Brava, Spain Gabarda-Mallorqui, Ariadna; Ribas Palom, Anna

pp.944-960 Determinants of willingness to pay for groundwater:insights from informal water markets in Rafsanjan, Iran Jamali Jaghdani, Tinoush; Brummer, Bernhard

pp.997-1009 Water conservation under scarcity conditions:testing the long-run effectiveness of a water conservation awareness campaign in Jordan Zietlow, Kim J.; Michalscheck, Mirja; Weltin, Meike

pp.1016-1019 Report:Emerging issues facing the water–energy–food nexus in the Middle East and Asia Paramasilvam, Thinesh Kumar


From email alerts with “sanitation” in the title: