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South Asian Heritage Month: Sri Lanka

6 September 2022

1 mins

Recently we shared a link to an article written by a former student which was titled Women in Tech.

Amanda has published another piece on Medium (originally written for the company she is employed by) as part of South Asian Heritage Month. In it, she discusses the legacy of colonialism in Sri Lanka.

From colourism to misogyny, imperialism has created the toxic and rigid systems that we so desperately need to fix. The severely damaged roots caused by conflict has meant that our generation will be left with the responsibility to cultivate and heal them. Understanding our own ignorance and then providing an honest, neutral and tailored education — required knowledge for all is vital in undoing the systemic issues entrenched within society. Our shared experiences should be leveraged for the greater good so that we can sustain a healthy and peaceful world for those living in it.

You can read the full article on the Medium website by clicking the link below.

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