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Winter graduation

Dear my lovely readers, I hope you are all well, and excited for the holiday period. As I was writing this, I was on the train from Loughborough back to London.

Autumn is here

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great 🙂 Autumn is here and I am sure that Loughborough campus is beautiful as always this time of year.

Moving out and moving on

As usual, I hope you are doing well! For those of you who are currently in university, especially at Loughborough, I am so thrilled and excited to see what you all are up to over the last few weeks.

Travel and Loughborough food recommendations

I hope you all are doing fantastically and congratulations to all of you who are going into the first year of university, especially ones that are coming to Loughborough. Welcome to the University, I am sure that you will have a very memorable three years here!

Busy June, busy July!

I am writing this month’s blog while lying on my new bed, listening to a concentration music playlist on Spotify and feeling very much relaxed. If you have read my last blog, you might remember that I was going to the International Summer School at the School of Economics for two weeks. I had just […]

kelsie at the coach and volunteering awards

My Loughborough highlights!

Hello, all of my lovely readers! As per usual, I hope you all are doing well the past month and are excited for the summer holiday coming up very soon. I have had a wonderful month with lots of events as the academic year is coming to an end. The first thing I would like […]

Revision season

Hello everyone! I hope you are working hard on your assignments and enjoying the weather as it is becoming warmer and summer is around the corner. For us university students, this time of the year is busy as many deadlines are approaching, as well as final exams, which will be happening very soon.

Exploring Bradgate Park

If you remember my last month post, I promised you all an exciting installment from Brussels since I was going on a field trip with my course-mates to the ‘headquarter’ of European Union. However, due to the recent Brussels bombing and attacks which happened couple weeks ago, this trip was cancelled. At first, I was […]

Introducing Kelsie

My name is Kelsie Hoang and I am an international student, currently doing Masters of Research in International Crisis Management.