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Voices of Diversity

22 April 2024

2 mins

Image: Courtesy of Getty Images

The EDI Services team has recently been hosting a Voices of Diversity allyship series. This series focuses on panel-led discussions consisting of students, staff, and alumni that highlight a particular topic area of allyship. 

The first event was ‘How to be an ally for people who wear the hijab’. Discussions are focused on what people from a diverse group would like from an ally and how people can be an ally to someone from this group. This series aims to create ways and spaces to build communities of practices where we have opportunities to hear the lived experiences of non-experts regarding a particular topic area.  

The series is aimed at all members of our community, as well as external stakeholders and the events have been well attended. We have recognised the potential of these types of events to attract people who traditionally do not view themselves as an ally. Men in particular are underrepresented at these events and we want to let people know the events are open to all; everyone has the potential to learn about another person’s lived experience and how their input and support could impact their environment.

In EDI Services, we feel these events are important because they can affect some key practices in the workplace, such as challenging/questioning bias, raising the profile of marginalised voices, and helping to create physically and psychologically safer workspaces. The outcome of good allyship is a more recognisable inclusive workplace where this sense of belonging we all talk about actually becomes more of a reality.

All this is great, but we do recognise this type of change takes time and as all evidence suggests, change takes place when people have opportunities to meet on common ground, discuss and reflect in a relaxed setting and we are aiming to create and foster a culture where we each contribute to an others sense of belonging, wellbeing and safety.

If you are interested in attending one of the allyship events, please visit our website to see a calendar of dates and contact EDI services at to register your interest.

Denise Coles
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Manager

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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