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The Limit

24 March 2020

2 mins

Welcome to The Limit which, long before Label, was the name of the University’s original student magazine.  It originated around the time of the First World War when the College workshops were being used to train (mainly women) for the munitions factories and was named after the Limit gauges made for shells.  

Nick Slater

The arts play an important role in the lives of many of our students offering them a means of self-expression, a social outlet and a space away from their studies. We created this magazine at the start of the pandemic in 2020 to provide an enjoyable insight into the range of activity going on within the University community and to provide a space for students to express themselves.

I was really impressed with the ideas and responses from students and would like to thank all those students who submitted content. 

Please note that we are no longer commissioning new content for The Limit.

Nick Slater
Director, LU Arts

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LU Arts is Loughborough University’s extra-curricular arts programme, encouraging students from all subject areas and at all ability levels to get involved in the arts and be creative in their spare time. To find out more about LU Arts visit our website.

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The Limit

The Limit showcases the creativity that exists within the student population, creating a sense of community.

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