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The Art of Magic

6 May 2020

2 mins

I recently watched the Harry Potter series with my sister, and we loved every bit of it.

We loved it because Harry and his friends pulled off the impossible in the end. We all love seeing something impossible occur and that is what makes magic so fun and entertaining to watch. I got into magic about a year ago after I secured a summer camp job where I had to take care of kids 24/7. I was really scared and was desperately looking for something that would help me bond with the kids.

That is how I came across magic. I learned a few simple tricks and it was a huge hit among the kids as well as the other counsellors like me. Soon I bought a course on Udemy and started following several channels on YouTube. Now I take a deck of cards with me everywhere I go; it is a great way to make new friends and break the ice with strangers.

I also try and perform everywhere I can. For example, I performed at Loughborough’s Got Talent and a month later I performed at a pub in Leicester as well. I love the rush of doing tricks as well as the reactions I get after I successfully perform a trick. I am constantly trying to learn new tricks and explore new territories in world of magic. Currently, I am giving mind-reading and mentalism a try. If you want to learn card magic, there are some amazing courses on Udemy and here is a list of YouTube channels for amateurs:

  1. Mismag822
  2. 52kards
  3. Chris Ramsay
  4. A million card tricks.

These are a just a few out of a hundred amazing magic channels on YouTube, and I personally would happy to help you out 😃

By Yash Chawla

Yash is a second-year Drama with Business Studies student at Loughborough. When he is not showing people magic tricks, he is watching cooking videos on YouTube. Every now and then he enjoys doing Zumba. He likes to think he is a Fifa champion and he is always up for a Bollywood night.

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