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Making accessories

10 June 2020

3 mins

Hi, everyone! Today I will present some handmade accessories that I have made during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic and show you how to have a go at making them yourself.

This video shows you how to make two accessories: a rose ring and pearl earrings.

Here are some steps to accompany the video and help you.

The rose ring:

You will need: small pearls (or small round stone), 0.5mm gold line, scissors and shaping tools (or something round like a lipstick for shaping the ring on).


  • measure your finger size and thread the right number of pearls with the 0.5 mm gold line
  • Rotate the gold line to tie the knot. Now, one side of the gold line will be wound into a small circle. 
  • The other side of the gold line is wound down, and the two gold threads are wound up and down until the end of one side of the gold line
  • The remaining long gold line surrounds the pearl in a circle to play a fixing role. When returning to the rose, it is finished by circling around a few times and cutting short with scissors.

The pearl earrings

You will need: one pearl, 0.5mm gold line, 0.8mm gold line, scissors and thin straw


  • Use the 0.8 mm gold line to wrap around the straw eight times, take it off and distribute the eight turns evenly into a ring by hand.
  • If you want to do more detailed work, first wrap the 0.5 mm gold line around the 0.8 gold line until the length can be wound into 8-9 small circles. Similarly, adjust the eight circles continuously by hand into one round shape
  • Then, use the 0.5 mm gold line through a pearl (you can replace it with your favorite or existing material of similar size). The gold line is longer on one side. Use the longer one to continuously wrap around the shape until the whole shape is fixed and the excess gold line is cut short.
  • Finally, use the short side of the gold line at the tail of the earring to detach and wrap the short end 2-3 times and cut it short. The rest is cut according to your preference and is completed with one transparent ear plug.

By Ting Xu

I am an optimistic, motivated and creative student, currently studying for an MSc in Entrepreneurial Design Management at Loughborough University London. For the past few years, I have gained experience and developed great skills in product design, while studying and doing internships.

Handmade accessories are one of my interests and I enjoy making them very much. During the special time of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have tried some different ways to make different styles of accessories in my free time. I hope in the future I could have my own personal accessories studio.

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