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17 June 2020

2 mins

Simply, self-care is the practice of taking action to preserve and improve one’s own health. Self-care is fulfilled by you, for you! 

This video exhibits a handful of my self-care practices which have been intentionally and carefully curated. While each of our lives is ever-evolving, I urge you to ensure that your self-care routine evolves with you! With gentle self-discipline and regular reflection, it is important that we take the time to notice what it is that works for us in this present moment. 

What resonates with you? 

Other forms of self-care may include: 

  • learning better financial management
  • affirmations
  • dancing to your favourite music 
  • drinking more water
  • decluttering your space
  • planting seeds
  • handwriting a letter to a friend
  • building something creative

This, however, is by no means an exhaustive list. It is so important to tailor your self-care routine to your lifestyle and interests! If you are feeling unbalanced or in need of time to recharge and be still, a gentle self-care routine will be helpful in keeping you grounded and well! 

Most importantly, aim to be consistent with your self-care practices! Your routine will be revitalising and and re-energising, equipping you to move through your day with confidence, calmness and positivity!

By Yasmin Ijeoma

Alongside my Natural Sciences MSci degree, I enjoy navigating creative spaces, namely poetry, vlogging, cooking and the visual arts. I create videos on self-care, holistic health and wellbeing, science and creativity on my YouTube channel! 

I aspire to build a holistic wellbeing platform and business, while also working in the field of Genetics! 

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