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Loughborough University London as part of The Southern Africa Innovation Programme

13 January 2021

2 mins

For the past two years, Loughborough University London has delivered a training programme within the SAIS 2 (Southern Africa Innovation Support Program) in Pretoria, South Africa.

The aim of this project is to catalyse new businesses and foster the culture of local and regional entrepreneurship.

Meet the team

Professor Mikko Koria is the Director of the Institute for Design Innovation and the Associate Dean for Enterprise at Loughborough University London. 

Dr Ida Telalbasic is a Lecturer in the Institute for Design Innovation at Loughborough University London.

Dr Roy Meriton is a Lecturer in the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The team is joined by colleagues from other UK universities including Dr Seun Kolade, and Dr Karim Ahmed, who have developed a toolkit (*) to serve as the basis for evaluating impact.

The Data Collection & Analytics Framework was delivered across five days to 12 participating project coordinators, who will transfer the gained knowledge to their project partners in their local communities in the five participating countries: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia.

To read more about Loughborough University London’s work on this project, visit out website.

*The toolkit is available to download via the news article.

You can find out more about The Southern Africa Innovation Support (SAIS) Program here.

Find out more information about the Institute for Design Innovation and the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship on our website.

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