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New Programme Spotlight Series: MA Design and Branding

29 June 2021

3 mins

The ‘New Programme Spotlight Series’ will be looking at all of our exciting new programmes, launching in October 2021. This blog will focus on the new MA Design and Branding programme.

The MA Design and Branding programme is part of our Institute for Design Innovation and will welcome its first ever cohort in October 2021.

Dr Antonius van den Broek is the Programme Director of this new programme. We recently spoke with Antonius who shared some important insights into this innovative new programme. See what Antonius had to say below.

Why was this programme developed?

Branding has always been a central theme in our teaching, and we recognised that an emphasis on branding would help our students in their future career. Moreover, we see that brands play an increasing role throughout societies; from personal branding to the products and services, to internal organisational branding and even branding of countries.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for students who recognise the potential design can have beyond making products and services beautiful. Being part of the Institute of Design Innovation, this programme comprises of a range of subjects around design, but essentially students learn how to utilise design as a strategic asset. We see design as a mindset and way of thinking that can be utilised and applied by any discipline in any context. As such, our programme is not limited to students with a design background, and in fact we very much welcome students from other disciplines that want to learn how to be creative while making business sense.

What career paths is it likely graduates from this programme will go on to pursue?

As we believe design is all around us, the strategic mindset in combination with the design approach will equip our students in a range of industries, small and large organisations. We see students employed by brand and design agencies, marketing agencies, in government, strategy and market analysis, and perhaps most excitingly, some of our students are starting their own business. 

Why are you looking forward to teaching this programme?

I am really looking forward to teaching on the core module of the programme “Design Strategy and Branding” where we will be looking at the strategic dimensions of design. Seeing students broadening their view on the strategic “powers of design” and seeing them grow in their thinking and the way they can defend their arguments is a very rewarding. I also look forward to supervising students on their dissertation; here teaching blends with independent applications of subject areas and personal interests that students have, a great mix where theory meets practice.

Thank you to Dr Antonius van den Broek for sharing her insights about the MSc Service Design Innovation programme. To find out more about this programme, please visit this web page.

To find out more about how to apply for a master’s programme, please visit this web page.

You can find out more about our Institute for Design Innovation, here.

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