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London SME’s: We need you!

16 July 2021

1 mins

Since March 2020, Loughborough University London’s Digital Skills Programme has helped around 150 London based SME’s to grow capacity, increase audience and upskill in digital tools.

We have seen around 75 Postgraduate students, many with previous professional backgrounds, collaborate with SME’s within the London Boroughs to increase capacity through digital skills.

We have also offered a series of digitally focused workshops in partnership with Echo, aiming to upskill SME’s in digital working practices such as digital marketing, social media strategy, SEO, UX/UI and more.

As part of the Digital Skills programme, YOU can offer a work insight project to a Loughborough University London master’s student.

Companies must agree to:

  • Outline the digital work insight project
  • Offer a minimum of a 30 hour insight project to a Loughborough University London master’s student
  • Confirm that the student completed the project and offer an endorsement to the student for their input on the project.

Why not have a look at our website for more information and sign up!

To find out more information about the Digital Skills Programme, please visit our website.

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