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Institute for International Management academics write for The Conversation

7 April 2021

2 mins

The Director of the Institute for International Management, Dr Gerhard Schnyder and Visiting Fellow, Dr Luda Svystunova recently wrote an article which was featured in The Conversation.

This article entitled ‘How the gig economy finally went into retreat‘ looks at the new IR35 regulation and the impacts of this on large companies and the self-employed.

The Conversation is an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community. The Conversation work with university and research institute experts to share their knowledge for use by the wider public.

This will be Dr Luda Svystunova’s first article for The Conversation and Dr Gerhard Schynder’s third article.

“A loophole that many self-employed people have used to avoid paying income tax and national insurance in the UK has closed. After a yearlong delay, the IR35 regulation came into force on April 6. It gives larger companies the responsibility for deciding contractors’ employment status, with a view to ensuring they pay the taxes that they are supposed to.

This will reduce the leeway thousands of voluntarily self-employed workers have to avoid tax payments and social contributions. It also makes it harder for companies to avoid taking proper responsibility for these people by denying them employment rights and benefits such as pensions or holiday entitlements, while avoiding the considerable expense of paying employers’ national insurance for them.”

To read the full article please visit The Conversation.

To find out more about our Institute for International Management and the research projects within this Institute, please visit our website.

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