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#Be Kind: Let’s Talk Mental Health

8 July 2021

4 mins

The #BeKind series is a mini-blog series that forms part of our LSU blog series. In this blog, Loughborough Students’ Union (LSU) London School President, Amie Woodyatt, discusses the importance of taking care of your mental health and shares some useful resources to help support you.

University is ordinarily a high-pressure environment. Add a global pandemic, completely different learning and working conditions, and a tougher job market, and it’s understandable that student mental health is getting worse across the UK. This is often a difficult conversation for many, but hopefully this blog may provide some comfort and useful information.

You are not alone. Whether you’re dealing with increased anxiety about being social again or still struggling with day-to-day motivation for simple tasks, there are always people you can reach out to.

In London, the Welfare team are available via email, phone, or you can book in a meeting; LSU Advice can help reassure you about any questions you may have; and if you’d like to talk to peers first, your Institute Reps, the London Postgraduate Support & Social Network (PSSN), and School President are all here to support you.

You are valid. Your feelings are valid. Even if it feels small or insignificant, or doesn’t feel ‘as serious’ as someone else, your mental health is important, and if you are struggling you should reach out.

The number of cases of mental health diagnoses is increasing at Universities; even if you don’t seek a diagnosis, finding the right support for you can be a breath of fresh air. Extra time in exams, counselling, DSA – there are plenty of systems Loughborough have in place to make your time here easier.

Everyone has different timelines. In the generation of Instagram and TikTok, it’s so easy to get swept up in the highlight reels of others’ lives and put pressure on ourselves to be at a certain stage by a certain point.

We’re all different, though. Whether you’re doing your postgraduate study at 23 or 43, our paths are all unique, so, while it’s difficult, try not to compare yourself to others. We all have our own struggles and will reach our own milestones in our own time.

Try and do the basics when you’re struggling. Healthy food and staying active is not a cure for mental illness, but can help produce serotonin and dopamine to support your mental wellbeing. Cooking or going for a walk with friends can also be socially beneficial; if you feel comfortable, try a hug too, get some free oxytocin!

Importantly, if you do find yourself really struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. LSU Advice, London Welfare, your GP, and charities are always there to support you personally and academically.

Remember there’s no shame in getting support, times are hard, it’s understandable and valid to not feel okay. The important thing to do is to take steps to look after yourself.

Useful resources

Take a look below at a number of useful resources that you may find helpful.

LSU Advice

London Welfare

You can also find out more about how our Welfare team are here to support you here.


Find out more about how MIND can support you here.


Find out more about how Samaritans can you support you here.

116 123


(text ‘SHOUT’ to) 85258


111 for non-urgent support

999 for urgent support

The most important thing to our Welfare team is you and your mental health; if you’re struggling in any way, let them know as soon as you’re able to and they will see what we can do to help. You can contact the Welfare team by emailing

To find out more about LSU London can support you during your studies, please visit this web page.

Loughborough University London and Loughborough Students’ Union would like to thank Amie Woodyatt for this blog.

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