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A recently published Special Issue explores The Value of Design-driven Entrepreneurship

6 December 2021

2 mins

Dr Ida Telalbasic, from Loughborough University London, is driving an emerging area of transdisciplinary and international research, bridging design innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ida Telalbasic, Lecturer at the Institute for Design Innovation, Loughborough University London has had the pleasure of being invited as a guest-editor for a special issue for The Design Journal, entitled The Value of Design-driven Entrepreneurship. The call was very well received with 42x journal articles submitted and supported by a pool of 120+ hand-picked expert reviewers who were a mix of academics and practitioners from both Design and Entrepreneurship.

This is an emerging area of Design research and the collection of articles sets the stage for a new research agenda in which we are witnessing the role and value of Design in enabling, activating and sustaining (social) entrepreneurial activities. 

“In design research, the community is by necessity, rigorously and unrelentingly dancing with the concept of entrepreneurship and the practices of an entrepreneurial mindset across its organizational infrastructures […] the final selection of papers along with Dr Telalbasic’s insightful Editorial, indicates important aspects of the development of an enriched understanding of Design-led Entrepreneurship and of design more generally”. – Professor Louise Valentine, Editor-in-Chief of The Design Journal

The full collection of articles can be found here and the original editorial can be found here.

Dr Ida Telalbasic will be organising talks with experts in the area of Design-driven Entrepreneurship at the beginning of the new year, so do keep an eye on future talks/events on this topic!

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