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Future Space: How can we help you?

16 January 2021

4 mins

Welcome to the Student Support Services spotlight series! In this series, we will introduce you to all our of Student Support Services and let you know how we can offer you support during your studies at Loughborough University London.

In this blog, meet our Future Space team and find out how we can support your employability and skill development.

Hello, my name is Grace Baird and I work in the Future Space team at Loughborough University London. My role is to ensure our Digital Skills programme runs effectively whilst supporting participating students. The programme gives an opportunity for our students to gain skills to support their employability and take on short work insight projects with real companies.  As a former Loughborough student, I’ve written this blog to let you all know how to get the best out of the Future Space offer and your time at Loughborough.

What is Future Space?

Future Space exists to support you to connect to your future.  We can help you with your goals, your career and your ideas.  We can help you reflect on your skills, set goals and access new experiences and opportunities that will enhance your CV, entrepreneurial abilities, and career prospects alongside your academic studies.

What Organisations Do We Work With?

  • Chelsea FC
  • Sport England
  • BT
  • Ticketmaster
  • West Ham United Foundation

…and many more.

What Sort of Events / Activities Do We Offer You?

The Future Space Team hosts a wide range of events and activities focusing on a range of topics including:

  • Growing your Network
  • Gaining Experience
  • Developing New Skills
  • Receiving Advice on Starting your Own Business
  • Career Planning and Support

The Future Space activities are split into three categories:

  • Reflection and Action
    • Examples:  Personal Best London, Careers Events, Mentoring Programme, Guest Lectures, Alumni Panels​
  • Skills
    • Examples: Workshops, Additional Programmes and Training​
  • Experience
    •  Examples: Hacks, Digital Skills Work Insight Projects, Collaborate, Volunteering, Part-time Work, Student Ambassador Programme, Post Study Work Opportunities

How Do I Get Involved?

The great news is – you already are.  In completing your registration, you will have filled in our Personal Best London questionnaire.  This will help us to make recommendations for you on activities to get involved with this year.  We will e-mail you with these in the coming weeks and connect you to relevant learning and development opportunities.

The Future Space Team will also be hosting a range of Induction Events including our online ‘Future Space Welcome Panel’ on Friday 22nd January 2021 (10:00-11:30 / 14:00 -15:30 UK Time). The full schedule for Future Space induction activities can be viewed here. These are all held online and sign up is required. Once you have signed up, the team will share joining instructions with you via your email address.

Other upcoming opportunities include:

  • Monday Mentoring – need help setting goals?  Need more help sticking to them?  Our industry mentors are here to help.
  • Digital Skills Work Insight Projects – The Digital Skills programme is a two-part program which gives you the opportunity to attend workshops specifically designed to help you develop your digital skills (e.g., blogging, project management, UX Design) and you can also put your skills into practice and complete a 30hr virtual project with a London SME.
  • Collaborative Project – A feature of many of our programmes, this module offers you the chance to grow your network and make industry connections as part of a group of students to address and develop solutions for a real business problem provided by one of our partners
  • Venture Crawl – On 10th March we are hosting an online exploration of the urban entrepreneurial eco-system on our doorstep in London
  • Careers Insight Event – on 17th March we are hosting a careers event on the Future of Work
  • 1-2-1 Careers Appointments – Our careers consultants offer 1-2-1 career appointments to support our students and recent graduates (e.g., CV advice and interview guidance)
  • Thinking of starting a business or consultancy? Our LEN team can help to spark your ideas and fan your flames of inspiration.  You can sign up for the LEN newsletter here.

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, we are currently running all of our activities online.

Where can you find the Future Space Team?

We are on the web here – we love to hear from our students – You can reach out to us via e-mail and see our full range of activities and resources on our LEARN module.

This blog is part of the Student Support Services spotlight series. To read other blogs in this series, please visit the blog home page.

To find out more about Future Space, you can email

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