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Why I choose to study Disability, Design and Innovation MSc

1 March 2021

2 mins

In this blog, student Tamari who studied the Disability, Design and Innovation MSc programme offered by the Global Disability Innovation Hub in collaboration with Loughborough University London, University College London and London College of Fashion. Read more about her experience below.

I’m Tamari and I’m an MSc student on the Global Disability Innovation Hub’s ‘Disability, Design and Innovation‘ programme, and I couldn’t be happier to choose this course.

To begin with, I found this course at the moment in my life when I was trying to make a shift from medicine to innovative technology development. Initially, my desire to help people regain control of their health and physical abilities lead me to medical school. However, after graduating from med school, I realised I wanted to go beyond the clinical walls to the open world. For me, Disability Innovation is a perfect collision of my two passions, desire to help and thirst for understanding innovative technologies implementation possibilities. Disability Innovation is not only about the medical diagnosis but about empowering diversity and difference, acknowledging our future, utilising the latest technological advancements, and designing for people with people to make an impact.

In my view, the MSc Disability, Design and Innovation is a toolkit that enabled me to embrace my prior experience and skills and broaden my vision for future possibilities. The unique opportunity to study and have access to incredible tutors and facilities of three universities: UCL, Loughborough University, and Business School of the UAL, allowed me to shape a clear vision of my potential in the field of innovative design. 

You can read the rest of this blog here.

To find out more about the MSc Disability, Design and Innovation programme, please visit the Global Disability Innovation Hub page.

Please visit our website to read more about our partnership with the Global Disability and Innovation Hub.

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