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Working with RingCentral on the Collaborative Project

11 June 2021

3 mins

We recently caught up with RingCentral about their experience working alongside our students on the Collaborative Project. With the Collaborative Project Show 2021 just round the corner, RingCentral discussed why they are looking forward to this exciting showcase. Check out the interview below.

Why did RingCentral get involved in the collaborative project?

Creating successful partnerships between business and academia has always been a priority for RingCentral. As a global leader in cloud communications, we see it as our responsibility to work with as many academic institutions as possible to help educate and upskill students by taking part in amazing initiatives such as the Collaborative Project.

Students will become a fundamental part of the workforce of tomorrow, so it’s important they put what they learn in the ‘classroom’ into practice. By engaging with academia, businesses such as RingCentral can provide students with a means of applying their academic knowledge to real-world problems.  

What have you enjoyed the most about working with our students?

Where do I start? Having been involved with the Collaborative Project on many occasions now, what I have enjoyed the most is the level of engagement the students have shown throughout the process and the desire they each have to go that one step further during the research process. This level of commitment meant the quality of their final presentations and reports have been extremely professional, and the insights they provided both original and relevant.  

Why are you looking forward to the Collaborative Project Show 2021? 

As the second Collaborative Project Show I will have attended, what I am looking forward to the most is seeing the final output from the winning team working on the RingCentral brief and the innovative solutions the other groups working on other partner briefs have managed to develop. With an extremely high calibre of post-graduate students and Loughborough University London, I do not doubt that we’re going to be in for yet another amazing show!

We would like to say a big thank you to RingCentral for working with our students on the Collaborative Project and for providing a real business problem for our students to solve. You can find out more about RingCentral here.

The Collaborative Project Show 2021 is going global this year! This event takes place on 16 June 2021 – you can still register to attend here.

The Collaborative Project is a module that gives students from across the University the opportunity to form interdisciplinary teams and use their individual experiences and expertise to solve a real business problem, provided by one of our corporate partners. You can find out more about the Collaborative Project here.

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