Rating items on lists

See what other people thought about on item

To find the current rating on an item on a reading list simple click on the item to get a popup window with its full details. The rating appears on the top right of the window.


The number to the right of the “thumps up” icon shows how many people liked the item, whilst the count next to the “thumbs down” show how many disliked it.

How to rate an item

In order to rate an item on a reading list you must first login to the system by clicking on the login login icon (top right on toolbar). Entering your standard University username and password in the popup window that appears and then click on the Login link (bottom right on popup window).

Then return to the window showing the full details of the item. Click on the thumb_up icon (top right of window) to mark the item as good, or the thumb_down icon to mark it as bad. You rating is anonymous and you can change your vote at any time.