A Poet in the Park

For the next twelve months, I’ll be poet in residence at Bradgate Park, in Leicestershire. I have to admit that I’m delighted with the idea: it’s a fantastic place to visit, with fascinating landscapes, heritage, natural history, geology…

As part of the ‘Bradgate Inspires’ project, I’ll be running workshops for members of the public to join in, and encouraging them to write about their experiences, memories and observations about the park. Because the residency is for a year, we’ll be able to watch, and write about, the changing seasons and the effect that they have on the park.

I’ll also be leading poetry walks, so that we can experience poetry in the landscape itself, and there’ll be a reading at the end of the year too, when people who have attended workshops can share their poems.

Because I’m Lecturer in Creative Writing at Loughborough University, I’ll also be bringing groups of students to the park to do some writing. Can you believe that some of them have never been?

Our adventures, workshop dates – and poems – will be posted on this blog, so please read, enjoy and comment.¬† If you’d like to follow all of the Bradgate Park Trust’s news, follow their facebook page at:¬†https://www.facebook.com/BradgateParkTrust/

Hope to see you at Bradgate!

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