UK HEI RDM survey

Loughborough University has been conducting a survey to discover what services UK Universities offer for managing research data created within their institutions. Martin Hamilton wrote about the survey in a post titled ‘UK Higher Education Research Data Management Survey‘.

The questionnaire was divided into four main themes:

  • About RDM at your institution: this covered demographics and whether a research data management policy or service was available.
  • For Institutions with a RDM service: we asked about the scope of the service and range of data covered, whether data sets and/or metadata stored, software used, available institutional/researcher storage, charges and staffing.
  • Support: respondents were asked to select from a list of broad categories of support available for research data management.
  • Other information: the usual free text box for respondents to provide any additional information they wish.

There has been a good deal of interest in the survey with many interesting responses to the questions posed. Results will be posted soon.