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Getting over that exam crunch

23 May 2017

4 mins

Even though I am currently on a placement year and when I go back to studying, my degree is fully coursework – I do understand the pressure of exams.

I have seen many a friend have that mid-May exam panic where you think you haven’t done enough prep or that the exam board hates you and will magically decide to put a billion questions on the exam that Einstein himself wouldn’t be able to solve. But seriously don’t worry – YOU’VE GOT THIS.

I thought for this month’s blog post I’d share my top 5 tips for managing stress during that exam/coursework crunch and little things that I have found really make a difference!


Don’t just work at home in your bedroom or just at the library – mix up where you study. I always found that only writing my coursework in my bedroom meant I felt like I couldn’t escape work. My favourite spot to study in has always been Costa Coffee in town; they have free Wi-Fi and you can load up on as much caffeine and caramel shortcakes as your heart desires to help that 3pm study slump! Find a place that works for you and you’ll find that studying can almost become a little better than awful – more like annoying.


If you have good snacks you’re basically set. They put you in a good mood and good stead to just get on with writing or revision. A personal favourite of mine are the Daim Cadbury Mini Eggs – if you haven’t tried them before, you’re welcome.


Obvious I know, but if you’re not careful washing up will suddenly become your favourite time of day just so you can get away from writing that introduction to your coursework. If I was doing my coursework at home I always found that taking breaks and actually leaving my room to go and chat to my housemates or leaving the house to go to a dance class were the best ways to shut off.


Don’t go to bed revising or finishing a piece of coursework – it stresses me out more than I realised. Take an hour or so of downtime before you go to bed – finish that episode of Dexter or read a guilty pleasure book. I always found that taking the time to wind down before bed put me in much better stead to work the next day.


This is one of the most important tips I think – remember that everyone works and studies differently. If one of your course friends is further into their revision than you are, don’t panic – use this as motivation to get further along with yours. Constantly comparing yourself to what everyone else has done will drive you crazy – so find the pace that you work best at and stick to it!

I hope that’s been helpful and good luck to everyone taking exams or finishing their coursework or dissertation in the next couple of months – you’ve got this!

Finally this month has been pretty busy for me and the most exciting thing that happened was I went to Sweden to visit one of my best friends! I actually met her at uni and it goes to show what great international relation links we have here! I had an incredible time in Sweden and already want to go back. I also had my last LSDC Summer Ball which was without a doubt one of the best nights of the year. I’m not going to go on about how much I love this AU club because if you’ve read any of my previous blog posts you’ll know just how much LSDC love I have. But as always, I will say, if you have the chance to join a club or society – DO IT! I’ve made some of the greatest friends and memories with this club that I wouldn’t trade for anything! Ok sop over – have a great month!

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