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Finding part-time work as a student

15 November 2018

4 mins

If you are worried that you won’t have enough money to cover your expenses during your time in Loughborough, keep reading and you will find out about many part-time job opportunities.

Since I am from Slovakia, the living costs in the UK are quite high for me, so I knew from the beginning that I would need to find a job. I was quite worried before I came here as to whether I’d be able to get one, but don’t worry, if you want to find a job, you will definitely find one!

Getting a part-time job during your studies also has other benefits than just money. You can put it on your CV and show that you can handle your studies with work, so for example that you have good time-management skills.

If you work as a Student Ambassador, you can develop your communication and presentation skills and if you work in shops, you will gain an experience of dealing with customers. And also working can be actually really fun and you can meet many new people!

So how can you actually find a job in Loughborough? When I first came to Loughborough, I printed out my CV and walked around the town trying to talk to people at different places such as restaurants, pubs, fast foods or shops and gave them my CV. There are many places that are hiring at the beginning of the year so if you just walk around the town, you will find some for sure.

You can also try to look online at different websites and just search for jobs in Loughborough (I remember that many places were advertising online too).

Another option (more convenient one if you live on campus) is to find a job at the University. Loughborough has a Student Ambassador Scheme, which you can apply for in October and it is a great part-time job. There are many shifts at different events that you can sign up for, so you can choose which ones do you want to take and therefore you can easily fit it with your timetable. It’s a good paid job and it’s really fun and always a great experience.

For example, you can lead campus tours, help out at the community days, do online web chats or calls to prospective students, work at the experience days for younger students or you can also be a university blogger! I definitely recommend the Student Ambassador role, it’s been a great experience where I have learned a lot.

Loughborough Students’ Union also offers different job positions such as shops or the venue staff, where you can also choose your shifts so it works with your timetable. They advertise them on the LSU website few times in a year, usually at the beginning of the year, in the middle and then towards the end of the year.

If you only want to work only for a few days in a year, you can also help out at the open days, which take place in June and then in September and different departments such as the Business School also offer job roles at the visit days, where you promote Loughborough University by talking to prospective students, answering their questions or leading campus tours. They usually send out emails with information on how to apply.

There are also some other opportunities such as brand ambassadors or the telephone fundraising campaign, which are very well advertised, so you will get information about those for sure as well.

From my personal experience, if you want to find a job, you will be able to find one. As I mentioned before, I was really worried if I would find a job and eventually I got a job as a Student Ambassador, I worked on the Telephone Fundraising Campaign, did some visit days for my department and I also work for the shops. So just be opened to new experiences and search, there are many opportunities available for you!

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