Loughborough Student Life

Loughborough Student Life

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Taiwan, The Hidden Gem of East Asia

Why do a placement in a less well-known place? Well because in all likelihood it will be the most fulfilling experience of your life! 

A Year in Loughborough

Over a year in Loughborough University, and it’s already time to bid farewell

Freshers Survival: by freshers, for freshers

Ask anyone, Freshers is a highlight in most people’s university experience, but it can also be very draining and looking after your wellbeing and mental health is so important during this time.

Loughborough Uni Myth-busting

As Freshers’ week is fast approaching, I’ve taken on the job of informing you, our new cohort of freshers, of the truth behind many myths about University life! ‘During freshers’ week, you have to drink loads and go to every event!’ At the beginning of freshers’ week, of course, at any University many people do […]