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Winning in the third year!

So it’s now August, and soon a lot of you will be finding out where you are going to university. Some of you are looking for graduate jobs, placements, internships, taking a gap year or studying abroad. 

Results, reality, responsibility!

So we’ve reached the end of the academic year and I expect a lot of you are thinking about the year ahead. For some, that is the stress of final year and for others, it’s just starting out. 

Goodbye deadlines, hello Student’s Union!

So it’s June, and I can almost see the end of second year. I don’t know if I am pleased by that, having now met all my deadlines, or if I am sad because it means I will have to leave Loughborough temporarily…

Loughborough Walks on Water

Hi Guys, So it is coming up to Christmas and it seems rather strange having warm weather here in Oz. You can’t really sing the song ‘White Christmas’, unless you’re referring to your sun cream!

The Reality Card

So it’s my third month in Australia, and I’m posting pictures of many different beach trips, with my mum like ‘Gem where’s the photos of you in your lectures?’.

A Sunny September in Oz

Hi all, so it’s September and that means Australia is getting warmer (not complaining)! It honestly seems like yesterday I arrived in Perth, but I’ve been here for two months now, which is the longest holiday ever. It’s genuinely like a completely new world. I can’t express how much it feels like I’ve just borrowed […]