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Making Loughborough your home before you get here

8 April 2019

3 mins

So, this time last year I received a silver envelope through the letter box from Loughborough with a card in that was the beginning of this whole experience, which is actually insane, looking at how far I’ve come and developed as a person already.

The card made coming to University feel real for the first time and got me focusing on my exams. That and the stress of, as usual, leaving the bulk of my revision to the last minute.

I used it as a motivator to get me here, and also to start beginning to see myself here; envisioning my experience, what I wanted to get involved with and ultimately who I want to become.

Societies and clubs

The card highlighted my interest in writing and foreshadowed my getting involved with writing as I am doing right now! For my friends, it highlighted netball, lifesaving and rugby.

Whether the card highlighted a club or society, you can get involved with anything here… debating, cocktail-making, fundraising – most importantly if it’s not here then you can create it. There really is a range of activities that you can get involved with and I think this is key to making friends with similar interests and getting to know a lot of people at Loughborough.  

Pinpoint societies that you might be interested in joining for fun or even to help further your course or challenge the way that you think. During Freshers there is a societies fair, with people waiting to sign you up so think about what you like and get involved.

Facebook groups

Join Facebook groups and chats before you get here. For me, I had already met some people before I came to University after meeting through the applicant Facebook groups.

It’s a great way to meet people and help stop some of the worry that comes with making friends and not knowing anyone. Again, if you have any questions or worries, you are able to ask people actually from Loughborough through these chats.

If you have questions, ask them.

I got a call from a current Loughborough student before Easter after applying, asking if I had any questions about life at Loughborough.

I was annoyed with myself for forgetting to ask all my questions. During the summer I had a few more specific questions about accommodation and how Freshers worked. Initially I looked on the website, but ended up emailing to get more answers. Getting your questions answered really helps to make you feel prepared before you get here.

Similarly, during summer you can join group chats for the hall that you will be going into. Being in there with the students that govern on your hall committee means you can ask any particular questions about what to bring, what the rooms are like and how much space there is as well.

The key to Loughborough life is to basically be prepared. Loughborough can be anything you want and more. Get involved with what you enjoy, ask questions and prepare yourself, everything will come naturally after that!

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