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Freshers Survival: by freshers, for freshers

Ask anyone, Freshers is a highlight in most people’s university experience, but it can also be very draining and looking after your wellbeing and mental health is so important during this time.

8 things to ask at a University open day

Coming to an open day can really help to finalise your decision on which university is for you, and where you can see yourself studying and living next year.

Becoming successful and employable

It’s fair to say that most students come to uni with an idea of where they want to be and little idea of how to get there. So, here’s a few tips I’ve picked up about how to get an Aston Martin on your driveway and a mindset for success!

Making Loughborough your home before you get here

So, this time last year I received a silver envelope through the letter box from Loughborough with a card in that was the beginning of this whole experience, which is actually insane, looking at how far I’ve come and developed as a person already.

To my ladies at Loughborough

In the light of International Women’s Day, it’s only right to celebrate women at Loughborough. Women in what can sometimes be perceived to be a man’s world.

From applicant to undergraduate!

Coming to Loughborough has been a huge emotional rollercoaster; but one that I’m loving absolutely every second of.