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To my ladies at Loughborough

11 March 2019

3 mins

In the light of International Women’s Day, it’s only right to celebrate women at Loughborough. Women in what can sometimes be perceived to be a man’s world.

Women who worked hard to get into one of the best Universities in the country. A University that just elected four female executives/chairs and president into its Student Union.

I wanted to use this blog to celebrate these achievements, and to motivate the women at Loughborough, because we are doing a damn good job!

I recently reminded myself of the importance of a positive mental attitude; the importance of vision. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t got it all figured out, (I don’t think many people have) but motivation is key and seeing is believing.

It’s hard to envision the future when we are still so young. But the best thing about the Loughborough bubble is that it helps to grow your confidence; there are so many opportunities at your fingertips.

Take part in Action and help to give back, go on a RAG raid and raise money for charity, get involved with societies that develop your interests.

Think about what you want to achieve and how you want to get there. There is so much support at Loughborough that you could really do anything, but getting started is key. I plan to get involved with as much stuff here as I can and really utilise what we have!

What many people don’t realise is the blessing we have that is time. We have the time to build a life, and we have the opportunity to build any life we want to. Many women didn’t have this opportunity – given only the option of typist, nurse or housewife.

But look at us…. look at you; in the library, in the STEM lab, studying, socialising and improving yourself.

Many people look back when thinking about International Women’s Day, but I think there is an importance in us looking forward. Yes, it’s important to consider the past, to consider the struggle of women for the freedom we have now. But, to focus too much on history is to not utilise the future.

So, as you build that life you want for yourself, as you apply for that dream placement, as you get that experience you want on your CV, as you learn that new language, and as you struggle, learn and adapt.

Remember how far we have come, remember the burden of your mother and grandmother before you and use that to celebrate the strength of women and the motivate you to create the future that you want.

Celebrate your strength.

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