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Cost-effective home comforts for your student room

15 October 2018

3 mins

Changing environments and moving into an unfamiliar place can cause a surge of emotions that, if not handled properly, can cause mental distress and discomfort. This blog will help explain how you can rearrange and decorate your new living space to ensure peace of mind whilst not breaking the bank.

Here are my 3 tips for making your student room feel like home:

1) Search online and in charity shops

When buying room decorations the most convenient way is to go surfing online. The internet provides access to a variety of decorations you can get at different prices. The most popular sites are eBay and Amazon. However, do not limit your views to only those sites but rather explore other sites although they may take a longer time to be delivered.

If you are a person that prefers to see items in person before purchasing, a more suitable option would be to go to charity shops. Charity shops are relatively cheap, and you are likely to find unique items at prices you can’t beat elsewhere. Plus, the money spent in charity shops goes to places they are needed.

2) Get items close to your heart

When decorating your room remember you are creating a safe place close to your heart. Somewhere that will make you feel comfortable after a night out and a space you are excited to have guests or friends over. Personally, I decorated my room with flowers and items that hit home for me like pictures of my family, posters of amazing places I have visited or hope to visit, and sentimental gifts that I have received in the past.

If you love food, put up posters of well-presented meals. If you love art, display unique art posters. If it is something that makes you happy, put it up!

3) Sense of smell

Now this is an odd one. Our senses instantaneously use scents to remind our brains of memories or trigger our memories to an event that may have happened a long time ago. Thank the Lord for innovation and development! Getting air fresheners that reminds you home is an amazing way for you to constantly feel comfortable and can also convince your brain that you are in a haven. A happy mind leads to a happy life.

I hope my tips will help you create an amazing atmosphere for you to live in. You must protect your peace of mind as it determines how your mood would create experiences for you in your new space.

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