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Keeping motivated throughout term

I assume every student gets to a point in their academic journey where they ultimately feel lethargic and unwilling to keep up with the hectic pace of life at university. The purpose of this post is to give you tips on how to maintain a healthy mind and find the internal motivation to push through.

Cost-effective home comforts for your student room

Changing environments and moving into an unfamiliar place can cause a surge of emotions that, if not handled properly, can cause mental distress and discomfort. This blog will help explain how you can rearrange and decorate your new living space to ensure peace of mind whilst not breaking the bank.


It feels like I started my first year in university a couple of months ago and now it’s over. I’ve made friends for a lifetime and met people that I would cherish forever.

The Sun and the exams

As the weather gets warmer and as days roll by the exam season seems to be approaching and closing in on us all. Do not let the spirit of the exams possess you, rather possess it by getting ready.

Hunger Games

Do you find yourself always broke? Always hungry yet too lazy to put in the work? Endless boxes of Papa Simon’s Pizza piling up in your kitchen? Are you a non-catered student longing for someone to cook for you always? Constantly buying ready-made meals from the purple onion? Find yourself eating the same thing and not eating sometimes because the thought of cooking […]