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The Sun and the exams

16 May 2018

3 mins

As the weather gets warmer and as days roll by the exam season seems to be approaching and closing in on us all. Do not let the spirit of the exams possess you, rather possess it by getting ready. The sun is a SCAM there I said it. Suddenly, we are all feeling relaxed, having barbecues, halls are having fun days and it seems like the sun is promoting a lot of people to explore their fashion sense but STOP!!! This is a big sign that we are letting our guards down and two days or a week to the exam we start panicking, pulling all-nighters, going through lecture notes and getting tense.


But such is life, for this blog I’ve decided to share how amazing the Loughborough community and how it has been amazing basking in the sun and letting go of all my worries. Although Loughborough is a small town it has amazing venues for get-togethers and small events. The Open Minds Society is a society that focuses on mental health of students and promoting people to talk about mental health to initiate healing and getting help. They had a showcase at The Orange Tree a pub in town and I was fortunate to attend. It was a sunny afternoon and going with friends, being able to talk about our mental health and listen to people talk about their health was a very mind relieving experience for me.

Loughborough University has more than 70 societies and the ACS (Afro-Caribbean Society) had a ball.  I was fortunate to perform a musical piece and other local musicians and entertainer graced us with their presence. The sun really came through for the event, the members of the society all came dolled up and ready to have fun. The ball was held in Nottingham and it was a fabulous event as well as a beautiful day.


Typing the word gives me chills as I realise that as much as I want to have fun I must be dedicated to my studies. The anxiousness surrounding exams can be scary. I’ll be sharing my top 3 tips on how to get ready for the upcoming exams and how to be mentally prepared.

TIP 1.


Panicking about the exams makes it harder to retain information and creates unnecessary tension. Ensure you take breaks during revisions to allow your brain to relax and process through the information you’ve read.

TIP 2.


This may seem obvious but a lot of people may just scan through lecture materials and extra information and hope for the best and get upset when they don’t perform well. Invest your time into your work and not Netflix and YouTube.

TIP 3.


Studying with friends may seem counterproductive but revising with friends after doing your personal reading will help you retain information and share information with friends and receive information from them as well. Just make sure to have done prior reading before working with friends so you don’t look lost and unprepared.

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