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Hunger Games

19 April 2018

3 mins

Do you find yourself always broke? Always hungry yet too lazy to put in the work? Endless boxes of Papa Simon’s Pizza piling up in your kitchen? Are you a non-catered student longing for someone to cook for you always? Constantly buying ready-made meals from the purple onion? Find yourself eating the same thing and not eating sometimes because the thought of cooking makes you weaker than doing the actual cooking. Then this my friend is the post for you. By giving you tips on how to survive. My next post would be actual meals you can make that are both nutritious and delicious.

As a first-year student living in a non-catered accommodation cooking is expected from you because no one else is going to feed you.

So how can I help you?

There are 3 important tips to make the process of cooking less dreadful and ensure you don’t starve one day.

Tip 1: Always make more than enough

When cooking, think of various situations that may prevent you from cooking next time, don’t be shy to add more rice, more pasta, more chicken and more of whatever you’re making. Who knows when next you’ll be able to cook. That essay isn’t going to finish itself, that party isn’t going to wait for you and that personal trainer isn’t going to wait for you to finish cooking before you make the appointment. If you’re thinking of making 2 portions Forget that make 5. Go big or go home. Just think of it, after a long day of doing nothing or coming back from the gym you don’t want to start thinking about what to cook you already have food. If that isn’t a WIN situation then I don’t know what is.

Tip 2: Always have plastic containers and ziplock bags on hand

After making a large amount of food the next thing is having a place to store it. Truth be told its easier to store cooked meals than ingredients and food items especially with the limited spaces we are allocated. Therefore, plastic containers are important you can store that food for next day and it wouldn’t hurt to store it in a microwavable container so when you pull it out from the fridge it doesn’t require much handling. The next post will make more sense of why the Ziplock bags are necessary till then just trust me and go and buy some.

Tip 3: Never cook alone or without a form of entertainment

Surely you don’t want to burn the kitchen to the ground, but you don’t want to faint from boredom while cooking alone. It’s very important to have flatmates or friends around, you don’t even have to talk to them their presence will motivate you to want to cook quickly and not embarrass yourself in the process. It’s a necessary evil but an efficient one at the same time. In the situation, no one is around, whip out your speakers and have a little dancing session or play a movie in the background trying to eagerly go back to enjoy it will motivate you to work/cook faster.

 “Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favour.”
― Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games

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